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New places to buy my work

  New places to buy my work here: and here:                    

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Just Added 2 New Texture Sets

It been a while since I last posted textures so have added 2 new sets today. Both sets have 10 large textures. A black and white set and a pretty colourful grunge set. They are free to use (see terms of use) I often get asked why I give them away. Well simply, I have […]

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Speckles & Wisps Free New Textures

    Speckles & Wisps My 4th set of free textures A collection of large, colourful, pretty grunge textures. The inspiration for my textures comes from all sorts of everyday objects and surfaces. I can sometimes find interesting textures in unusual places. Many of the textures in this pack actually came from some bird poop […]

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Black & White – Free New Textures

    Here is my third set of free textures. A collection of large black and white grunge textures; includes a pretty bokeh texture. They were all shot with my Canon 7D with Canon EFS 60mm macro lens. Post work PS5

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Pretty Pastel & Lots of Pink – New Free Textures

  Here is my second set of free textures. These textures are all very pretty with lots of pink. It is a large set of 10 textures. Download single textures or the whole set.

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New Free Textures

  I have recently been working on some new textures. I thought it might be fun to offer a free set of textures and see what other people could do with them. I had loads of fun making these textures. They were all created with my Canon EFS 60mm macro lens with post work done […]

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How I Create My Oil & Water Abstracts

Of all the questions I get asked about my photographs, How to do the oil and water abstracts is the question I get asked the most. Just the other day someone asked how do I get lots of bubbles and not have the oil just flatten out into 1 or 2 bubbles……..’Washing up liquid’. After […]

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